La Tortilandia
Mexican Restaurant

Fresh Food. Real Tradition.

La Tortilandia is widely regarded as one of Fort Worth's best Mexican dining experience.

 Fort Worth Weekly recognized La Tortilandia as one of the Best of 2009 Seafood Critic's Choice.

La Tortilandia means "tortilla land," and true to its name, the restaurant's Mexican cuisine is second to none. But it's the recent addition of spicy, fried seafood dishes that makes this place a winner. If you get hankering for something fishy and salty but don't want to spend $25 for lobster tail, La Tortilandia offers cheap, delicious plates like the Torti Combo. This beautifully presented smorgasbord includes three fish tacos, two ceviche tostadas, three fried oysters, two shrimps, a salad, and a large dollop of creamy guacamole for $10.95. That's value! If that's not enough to tempt you, listen to the mariachis on Friday nights while drinking the $6 house margarita and throwing a dozen oysters on the half-shell for $8.50.

La Tortilandia - Fort Worth Weekly Best of 2009 Seafood Critic's Choice pdf

The Hispanic Debutante Association of Fort Worth recognized La Tortilandia as the Outstanding Business Supporter

La Tortilandia is constantly involved in the community and continues to be a proud support of higher education. So, it is no surprise that La Tortilandia donated food and time to help support the Hispanic Debutante Association of Fort Worth, a non-prof
it organization who encourages students to finish high school and helps them raise money for college. 

For more information about the Hispanic Debutante Association visit them at

La Tortilandia was featured in Fort Worth in The Wall.

La Tortilandia is east of 8th Avenue, on Berry Street.  It is surprisingly nice on the inside, but don't let that concern you - the prices are still very low on the lunch and dinner menu.  Lunch prices ranged from $4.50-6.50 for large plates of food with a lot of unique options.  The remaining menu was very expansive and seemed reasonably priced as well.  Also, the restaurant owners are big supporters of the Frogs - which is evidenced by their large TCU flag.

...I was joined by a small contingency of the most powerful people in Fort Worth - people who know me.  Two of the guys tried the lunch sampler platter which included ceviche nachos, cheese stuffed jalapenos, some fried shrimp and a couple other items.  They liked the dishes and the food looked good.  

The other two of us had a lunch plate with two enchiladas and a chalupa.  I had chose the beef enchiladas, covered in a red sauce.  The sauce was very rich and flavorful without too much spice.  They were really fantastic.  The chalupa was a surprise because it was actually very good and not a throw away like many places.  Plus it came with chopped jalapenos on top.  It added a nice spice.  Note that the lunch doesn't come with rice or beans.  The other lunch mate had the same meal I did, but went with one chicken and one beef enchilada.  The chicken enchilada was covered in a green sauce that was reported as tangy with a hit of spice at the end.  He said that was a good thing.  He also ordered a bowl of beans which he thought were good.  In case his wife is reading this, no, he didn't eat the entire bowl of beans.

The lunches were great all around.  The chips and salsa were also really good and the salsa was moderately spicy.

Open everyday.

Sunday -Thursday 7 am - 10 pm
Friday & Saturday 7 am - 11 pm

Happy Hour 
Mon-Fri 3 pm - 9 pm
Saturdays 9pm - 11pm

La Tortilandia Mexican Restaurant
1112 West Berry St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76110
(817) 922-0205 
Fax (817) 920-0605

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